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AAPHAN is a non profit making organisation which serves, protects and represents the professional interests of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners.

AAPHAN is incorporated within Queensland under the Incorporations Act 1981 (Reg No.IA13111)

Our Strength

Our strength is derived from the dedication of our members to excellence, mutual support and professional integrity.


Mission Statement

AAPHAN's motivation is to bring Hypnosis and NLP into the public eye, so that those who may benefit from these practices are better informed, and therefore more likely to seek help from qualified and competent practitioners.

To this end, our Association seeks to promote the use, and better understanding of, Hypnosis and NLP.

AAPHAN provides a professional forum for practitioners in our areas of expertise. We recognise programmes that train competent Complentary Health Care Practitioners. We promote the highest standards of professional conduct.


Membership is open to:

1) Qualified Hypnotherapists and

2) Qualified NLP Practitioners

3) Students and others who support the aims of the Association

(Active groups of Members are encouraged to form local Chapters)


AAPHAN in non aligned and its membership is open to all schools of thought or training.

In assessing applications for membership, the Registration Board will place emphasis on:

1) Quality of training received

2) Proven competence in Hypnosis and NLP skills


Registered Practitioners are required to

1) prove their competency and

2) abide by a Code of Professional conduct.


Practitioner Certificates

Practitioner Certificates are issued to Registered Practitioners and are renewed annually.

Membership Cards are available on request.


Professional Indemnity Insurance

is available to Practitioner Members


Regular monthly meetings

The Gold Coast Chapter of the Association holds meetings on the first Thursday of each month at 7.30pm. These are held in the Centenary Buildings of the Gold Coast City Council in Price Street, Nerang.

The meeting foremat consists of a short business meeting followed by either:

1) Papers presented by Practitioner Members that deal with Hypnosis or NLP techniques, or

2) Hands-on practice of relevant Hypnosis and NLP techniques, or

3) Papers presented by guest speakers, and subsequent discussion on subjects of interest to members, or

4) Presentation and discussion of case studies presented by Practitioner members.

Social functions are held several times a year.


Other Chapters follow a similar foremat for their meetings.


News letters

The Association publishes its news letter 'Trancript' regularly


Registered AAPHAN Practitioners
Registered Training Schools

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AAPHAN - Australian Association of Hypnotherapists & NLP Practitioners Inc.

Postal Address: PO Box 1526, Southport, Qld 4215, Australia

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Phone (Secretary) 55947 334